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Jack Grealish allegedly crashed car after drunken curfew-flouting party

by Red Billy

Manchester United may be forced to think twice about signing Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish after reports of drunk driving emerged last night.

Just hours after Grealish posted a video on Twitter urging fans to stay at home and protect the NHS, the Villa man allegedly smashed his Range Rover into several parked cars in a Birmingham suburb before arguing with residents.

On Saturday afternoon, the 24-year-old tweeted a video saying ‘To help save lives, you must stay at home.’

‘Only leave your house to buy food, buy medicine or for exercise and always remember to stay at least two metres apart. This is urgent. Protect the NHS. Stay home. Save lives.’

But just hours later, photos were posted on Twitter of a man looking like Grealish in discussion with a man on a pavement next to a damaged white Range Rover. The man looking like Grealish is wearing a white slider on one foot and a furry slipper on the other.

Tweets then emerged of photos sent by a resident to a Birmingham City fan group on Whatsapp, saying ‘Apparently this is Jack Grealish’s car. He vosted friends last night and left drunk in the early hours of this morning and proceded to smash into parked cars. He ran off and had friends or family come and collect him. Police have just left. My neighbour witnessed it appen. Can anyone confirm if this is his motor?

He cannot get away with this surely?’

Someone responded by posting a photo of Grealish getting out of a white Range Rover with the same registration plate at Villa Park, saying “It’s his car”.

The Mail confirmed that ‘a witness has told Sportsmail that Grealish was the man at the scene’

‘He was seen leaving a building where former Villa team-mate Ross McCormack owns a luxury flat.’

The outlet claims that a spokesman for West Midlands Police said the £70,000 vehicle crashed into two stationary cars and added that they would like to speak to the driver.

‘West Midlands Police said: “We were called to Waterside, Dickens Heath, just before 10am to reports that a Range Rover had crashed into two parked cars in the street”.

“The driver left his details with a member of the public at the scene before leaving on foot, and will be spoken to by police in due course.”

“Officers are investigating the circumstances and anyone with information has been asked to get in touch.”‘

The Sun reports that ‘The 4×4 was said to have reversed from a designated parking bay, across a road and gone into a parked silver van, leaving it with a dented bumper and smashed rear lights.’

‘Witnesses said the Range Rover then drove 200 yards, veering on to the pavement and careering into vehicles including a £30,000 silver C-Class Mercedes, and a £20,000 blue Merc.’

‘Grealish was alleged to have boasted to motorists he would pay for the damage.’

‘A neighbour said: “The party had been going on all night. It was unbearable. The noise had only stopped a short while when, just after 8am, there were a series of almighty collisions which reverberated through the flats.

“Outside, Jack Grealish was stood next to his car rowing with a security guard. It was strange to see an England ace looking so unkempt and dishevelled. He looked unsteady and confused.”

“There was an almighty row because Jack didn’t want to wait around but people wanted answers from him.”’

If the police’s investigation confirms that it was indeed Grealish who was driving the car, it is unclear what it will mean for the midfield star’s future. The fact that he was not at the scene when the police arrived would mean that there would be no conclusive proof that he was driving under the influence of alcohol but nonetheless it is hard to imagine that he will come out of the event unscathed.

If the story is confirmed, Grealish could be sanctioned by his club and/or by the FA and it would certainly place doubt over whether Manchester United would be willing or even able to sign the midfield star.

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