Friday meeting could decide Manchester United’s season fate

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans will be excited to learn that the Premier League will meet once more this Friday as whispers of a potential return continue to grow.

Football fans across the world are eagerly waiting for conclusions to their respective leagues and should English football decide to restart, others may follow suit.

United were chasing a top-four spot before the season was brought to an abrupt stop due to the ongoing health crisis.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men were even on an impressive unbeaten run, showing their best form of the season, leaving fans frustrated.

However, the measures taken were obviously necessary but now fans may learn the fate of their club after all.

A June 30th conclusion makes sense, purely from a football point of view, for most clubs as they would like to be able to give their players a holiday before kicking off on pre-season once more.

It would essentially be replacing the European Championships that were supposed to be taking place this summer.

There are many question marks this still raises but at least this way clubs will still get their TV money and sponsors will be happy, leaving little room for an absolute financial meltdown happening.

United are hoping to make Jadon Sancho the next player to wear the famous number 7 shirt. But how much do you know about the players who have worn it before? take our quiz below to find out.

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