Paul Scholes praises Paul Pogba in surprise turn of events

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has reserved special praise for Paul Pogba in a surprise turn of events, shocking fans who were curious over what sparked the change.

Some even began to believe the praise had to be because the world-class Frenchman was extending his stay at Old Trafford.

Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say Scholes hasn’t been that pleasant towards Pogba in the past so the new attitude is a surprise.

The talented midfielder has been heavily criticised by many former players and pundits with perhaps only Patrice Evra the notable protector of him.

Nonetheless, it’s a nice turn of pace as fans were getting sick of all the negativity surrounding Pogba in the past.

There have been rumours Pogba is set to sign an extension to his current deal with some putting down the lack of official news to the ongoing situation.

The whole world is grappling with a health crisis in this moment of time so it probably would be good to announce a player getting a pay rise and extending their deal.

Pogba already gets enough criticism as it is so there’s no need for the added pressure and when the time is right, United can release the positive news.

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