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Kieran McKenna hopeful of swift return to action after extended break

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United coach Kieran McKenna has given fans a rough idea on when professional football might be back on, giving hope to many during a dire time.

The ongoing health crisis has had a devastating effect on the globe and football hasn’t been exempt from that.

Lovers of the game have been short of action for some time now and talks have continuously fluctuated from the season not being given a chance to end and it ending sometime in the summer.

McKenna appeared to suggest it could be the latter by discussing how the club is currently planning to return to training.

Officially there has been no date announced but it seems clubs are in a scenario where they’re hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

It seems as though clubs are preparing for a quick end to the season as well as being ready for whenever they may be called back into action.

It’s likely if professional football does return to England, clubs will be given two to three weeks to prepare for matches to kick off again.

Just how the break in play will affect the players and the competition remains to be seen but many are expecting a drop in pace and an increase in injuries.

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