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Borussia Dortmund could be forced to lower asking-price for Jadon Sancho

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have been given hope in their bid to sign Jadon Sancho after a Borussia Dortmund executive admitted clubs will have to be flexible in their asking prices for players this summer.

The sensational Englishman is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s top priority for the upcoming transfer window despite the ongoing global health crisis.

Some reports had claimed Dortmund had set a fairly reasonable €100m asking price for Sancho and that seemed to make United the favourites for the deal.

Many anticipate the young winger will be plying his trade at Old Trafford next season but until the deal is done some level of uncertainty will remain.

Sancho is seen as the Red Devils’ missing piece to their star-studded attack and some reports have claimed he would be the club’s poster boy in the mold of Wayne Rooney.

According to Metro, Dortmund executive Carsten Cramer said: “Usually, at this time of year the squad for next season is already done.

“Maybe you sell some players but the plans are done. Everyone has to be as flexible as possible. I’m very sure the business on loans will become of higher relevance than periods before, and for sure it will take a longer time to plan your squad.

“I’m very, very sure that not on July 1 or even August 1 your team is done. Flexibility is very important, patience will be important. I’m very sure the expectations of high fees will go down as well.”

Hopefully, this is a reflection of how Dortmund will conduct business in terms of their outgoing stars and not just incoming so that Manchester United can wrap up a deal for Sancho.

However, it does sound like they would make it a little difficult at the very least and so it’s a transfer that will probably only be completed towards the end of the transfer window and not early.

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