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Curtis Woodhouse launches bizarre tirade about Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes

by Red Billy

Former Sheffield United and Birmingham City player Curtis Woodhouse has launched a bizarre attack on Manchester United legends Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes on Twitter.

The 40-year-old only ever managed three substitute appearances in the Premier League, including one in a 2-0 defeat against a United side that included Giggs and Scholes.

But clearly Woodhouse saw enough during those 22 minutes to convince himself that the whole world has been wrong about the abilities of the legendary duo.

‘Ryan Giggs another unbelievably overrated Manchester United player. Outstanding longevity but in a team that dominated for years and were a free scoring machine his statistics for goals and assists is awful’ he tweeted.

‘Another Manchester United myth, good player, never anything more.’

‘Ryan Giggs once scored 13 league goals in a season. In a team that dominated the league for 2 decades and prided themselves on all out attack he peaked at 13.’

‘[Robert Pires streets ahead of Ryan Giggs, not even in the same conversation.’

‘TAA [Trent Alexander-Arnold] is more of a attacking threat than Ryan Giggs was in 22 years. TAA is a right back and Ryan Giggs is a left winger’

‘Ryan Giggs isn’t on J[ohn] B[arnes]’s level’

‘Ryan Giggs hasn’t got a single attribute better than Gareth Bale, not one.’

‘Giggs didn’t even have a good left foot … His delivery was ok, not great.’

‘The Giggs goal against Arsenal is massively over hyped. Every time I watch it it becomes worse. A really important goal but not a great goal. Adds to the Giggs myth really.’

‘He was never anywhere near world class, he never had anywhere near a world class season. Giggs is probably the most overrated player of the last 50 years.’

‘Ryan Giggs averages 6 assists a season over his career for a team that dominated English football. He played left wing in one of the most attacking teams the world has ever seen. 6 assists, that isn’t a typo.’

‘Ryan Giggs averaged 5 goals a season in his career for Manchester United. Again that isn’t a typo, 5.’

‘What was he actually contributing? The answer is not much.’

Meanwhile the former Rotherham man had this to say about Scholes:

‘In 19 seasons at Manchester United Paul Scholes never won the clubs player of the year award. Gabriel Heinze, Javier Hernandez and Antonio Valencia did. Steven Gerrard in the same period won every PFA award available, voted by his fellow professionals.’

‘I won 2 player of the year awards. One at Sheffield United and one at Peterborough United. That’s 2 more than Paul Scholes.’

‘In his 19 years at Manchester United Paul Scholes won player of the month 4 times.’

‘Paul Scholes retired from international football at 29 years of age because he couldn’t get a game in his preferred position of centre midfield. That position was occupied by the great Steven Gerrard and the very good Frank Lampard.’

‘Paul Scholes running games is a footballing myth that’s grown and grown since he retired.’

‘Scholes was never ever voted into the PFA team of the year. It’s voted for by the players of every team competing in the league that year. To be respected by your fellow professionals as the best is the highest accolade. Steven Gerrard hold the record of being voted in 8 times.’

‘Ryan Giggs or Paul Scholes didn’t get in Manchester United best premier league 11. It was voted on by Manchester United fans.’

‘In the champions league finals in 2009 and 2011 arguably the best manager of recent times Sir Alex Ferguson started Ji Park Sung in midfield ahead of Paul Scholes.’

Manchester United fans responded in their droves to the laughable comments. Some of the comments were:

‘If I was the owner of @GainsTrinityFC I’d be a bit worried about my manager’s judgement of football players.’

‘Show us on the Doll where Manchester United Football Club touched you, Curtis.’

Even Liverpool fans dismissed Woodhouse’s comments as nonsense.

‘Oi don’t compare him to us. His tweet is legit the most ridiculous I’ve seen in ages. Anyone with half a brain knows Giggs is one of, if not, the greatest PL footballer ever’ said one.

‘I’m a liverpool fan and this is just delusional!’ said another.

Even a Leeds United fan was moved to comment.

‘Curtis I’m sorry, but I’m Leeds fan and I can tell you right now, you’re wrong. Giggs was outstanding.’

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