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Phil Jones absent from 207 games due to consistent injuries

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Phil Jones is already rather unpopular to most fans but this damning stat is certainly going to make him more unpopular.

Love him or hate him, the English defender is just a year away from being valid for a testimonial, having joined the club back in the summer of 2011.

Jones was 19 back then with his whole career ahead of him and was touted for a big future as Sir Alex Ferguson infamously predicted.

The legendary Scotsman insisted upon signing the then young prospect that he would become the club’s greatest ever player.

It’s safe to say Jones failed to live up to those big words and while one can debate over talent and potential, it’s clear one of the reasons he didn’t was because of injuries.

To miss 207 injuries is remarkable in and of itself but to miss it through such a wide variety of injuries is even more staggering.

Most injury-prone footballers have one or two niggles that consistently get injured but Jones has just about every major body part covered.

Some blamed his injuries on the recklessness of his challenges but whatever the cause, it’s clear Jones can never be a reliable option in the squad and so must be moved on, regardless of his talent or lack thereof that some may debate.

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