Marcus Rashford urges parliament to reconsider food vouchers in brilliant letter

by Red Billy

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford has sent an open letter to all MPs to ask for the recent decision about the food voucher scheme to be overturned.

Parliament voted down a bill to extend food vouchers given to children from low income families to cover the school summer holidays.

Campaigners have threatened to take the government to court over its decision and Rashford has penned the letter to put further pressure on politicians to overturn the ruling.

The beautifully-crafted letter starts by describing the moment where the United star scored his first goal for England. ‘I watched the crowds waving their flags and fist-pumping the three lions on their shirts and I was overwhelmed with pride not only for myself, but for all of those who had helped me reach this moment and achieve my dream of playing for the England national team,’ the 22-year-old wrote.

‘Understand: without the kindness and generosity of the community I had around me, there wouldn’t be the Marcus Rashford you see today: a 22-year old Black man lucky enough to make a career playing a game I love.’

Rashford has raised funds for the @FareShareUK food charity so that over 3 million meals could be distributed during lockdown. He started his campaign on March 19th when he heard that schools around the country would close the following day.

The charity provides meals for kids whose family can’t afford them and who would normally rely on lunches provided by their schools, something to which the United star related as he himself benefitted from free school meals and visited food banks as a child.

‘Wembley Stadium could be filled more than twice with children who have had to skip meals during lockdown due to their families not being able to access food. (200,000 children according to Food Foundation estimates),’ the England star continued.

‘As their stomachs grumble. I wonder if those 200,000 children will ever be proud enough of their country to pull on the England national team shirt one day and sing the national anthem from the stands.’

‘In England today, 45% of children in Black and minority ethnic groups are now in poverty. This is England in 2020…

‘I encourage you to hear [the] pleas [of] … all vulnerable children across England … and find your humanity. Please reconsider your decision to cancel the food voucher scheme over the Summer holiday period and guarantee the extension.

‘This is an issue that needs urgent assistance. Please, while the eyes of the nation are on you, make the U-turn and make protecting the lives of some of our most vulnerable a top priority.’

Rashford has conducted himself in exemplary fashion during lockdown both in terms of his charity work and in engaging with fans to maintain morale. His long awaited return to the football pitch is expected to be on Friday as United take on Spurs at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Rash is back! As United prepare to restart their season and do battle on three fronts, top scorer Marcus Rashford is fit and back to take his place in the side. But how much do you know about the United star? Take our quiz below to test yourself.

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