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Roy Keane leads Man United fans in brutal criticism of David de Gea

by Red Billy

Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane pulled no punches at half time tonight after another defensive calamity gifted Spurs their only goal against the Red Devils.

Speaking as a pundit for Sky Sports, Keane said he was ‘absolutely digusted’ with Harry Maguire and David de Gea’s defending for Steven Bergwijn’s goal.

‘I am disgusted with it. Maguire? De Gea? Hang your heads in shame,’ Keane raged.

His wrath towards De Gea was particularly strong.

‘I’d be swinging punches at that guy.

‘I wouldn’t even let him on the bus after the game. Let him take a taxi back to Manchester.

‘The most overrated goalkeeper I’ve seen in a long, long time.’

Many fans took to social media to voice their agreement with Keane.

‘I’m so sick of the “he’s been great for years!!” Argument. He has made so many COSTLY mistakes going on 2 seasons now. I’m done. Get him out’ said one.

‘It’s about time everyone accepts that David De Gea isn’t a top goalkeeper any more.

‘A few years ago he was arguably the best in the world, and comfortably Man Utd’s best player.

‘In the past 18-24 months he’s been absolutely awful. Too many basic mistakes to keep count of.

‘De Gea is done’ said another.

It is another in a long line of costly mistakes from the once infallible Spaniard. With Dean Henderson performing miracles on loan at Sheffield United, the pressure on De Gea is increasing to keep his number one jersey at Old Trafford next season.

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