David de Gea’s mistakes are now ‘permanent’, claims Gary Neville

by Red Billy

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has issued a warning to manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that he can no longer rely on goalkeeper David de Gea.

The record four-time Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year has been responsible for a string of errors dating back to 2018 in a run of erratic form that seemed to start during the 2018 World Cup, in which his abject performances for Spain led to them crashing out of the competition at the group stage.

‘He hasn’t been the same for some time,’ Neville said in his Podcast (via The Daily Express).
‘When form drops for six months it’s a blip but when it goes on for a year you start to worry. When it goes over two years it becomes more permanent.
‘That is now a fair representation of what De Gea is as he’s making lots of mistakes. Ones he would never make – he was always somebody you could completely rely upon. It can only be a confidence thing. The arms, legs and body are the same – it’s got to be the mind.’
Neville believes that the torrid World Cup campaign two years ago was significant.
‘The reception he’s got in Spain has affected him. He’s even been booed by Spanish fans when he’s wearing the Spanish shirt. In the World Cup in 2018 he really struggled and from that he’s doubted himself. Mentally he’s not quite the same.
‘Mistakes like that can happen on the first game back but it’s happening far too much over the past couple of years.’
Meanwhile, a Facebook poll conducted by The Peoples Person reveals that 55% of fans believe that De Gea should keep his place in the side despite the mistakes.

‘You guys do understand this is everyone’s first game back from quarantine right?’ commented one voter.

‘Training and playing a match are two different things. It’s understandable he messed up, he’s not perfect. You missed 2 months worth of matches that affects your morale/form.’

‘Too many ungrateful fans, you seem to forget all he’s done even when he could just neglect the team and run to Madrid and other better options as many others did’ said another.

‘He made a fantastic save still in the same match. De Gea is a true RED.’

But others were not so convinced.

David De Gea should be replaced now by Sergio Romero. I have lost confidence in him, and so have many other United fans’ remarked one critic.

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