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Video: Bruno Fernandes scores beautiful free-kick, asks to change keeper

by Marwan Harraz

One of the reasons why Manchester United fans already love Bruno Fernandes is because of his relentless demands and work-rate.

The Portuguese talent is understood to have become one of the club’s leaders despite just arriving from Sporting Lisbon in January.

Reports previously said he is vocal in the dressing room and expects a high standard from his teammates daily.

That type of personality can only pay off for United in the long run but Bruno brings more than just his solid character.

The midfield magician has been instrumental in his side’s unbeaten run that has now extended to 12 matches after the draw with Tottenham.

Although the majority of Manchester United fans were ok with the result vs Tottenham, Bruno said just what they were thinking.

In the post-match interview, the man of the match explained how it was a good result but that the players aren’t happy as it’s not enough and they should always chase victories.

It’s the type of mentality United fans want to see more of from the whole squad and supporters hope their side can now enjoy a winning run-in to the season.

Even in the video, it seems Bruno isn’t satisfied with whoever was in goal, perhaps since it appeared as though the goalkeeper didn’t attempt to dive to save it.

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