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Borussia Dortmund drop bombshell on Man United’s Jadon Sancho transfer deal

by Red Billy

Manchester United’s pursuit of Jadon Sancho will come to an end on Monday, one way or another, reports from Germany claim.

The magazine Bild claims that Dortmund are adamant that either United pay €120 million (£108m) in the next 48 hours or Sancho will stay at the club for another 12 months at least.

And what is more, the Bundesliga side have dropped a bombshell by saying they will also give him a massive 66% pay increase if he stays.

‘Will he stay or will he go?’, Bild reporter Sebastian Kolsberger wrote late last night.

‘BVB’s ultimatum for a move from Jadon Sancho (20) to Man United runs until Monday morning.

‘If the required 120 million offer is not available by then, the super dribbler will definitely stay in Dortmund.

‘Then it also means: MORE MONEY!

‘Because if the deal breaks, the Englishman will get a 4 million “tranquilizer” injection according to BILD information!

‘The bosses would increase his salary from 6 to 10 million euros.’

€10 million is the equivalent of around £173,000 per week, a hefty increase from his current £114,000 per week salary.

By offering Sancho a huge pay increase like this, Dortmund will take away United’s bargaining chip of the player wanting to leave and the danger that they will have an unhappy player on their books for twelve more months.

‘It is a method that has been used many times at BVB,’ Bild notes.

‘In 2013 Lewandowski’s move to Bayern was blocked, and the Pole got more money for a year.

‘Aubameyang was also immobilized in his last year with improved conditions before the Arsenal transfer.’

The reporter admits that it is still much less than United are prepared to pay Sancho, which he claims would be €19,600,000 a year, or £340,000 per week. However, that is exactly the figure that the English media reported on Thursday that United would NOT pay Sancho.

UK reports have consistently claimed that Sancho’s salary at United would be £250,000 per week, although this is still considerably higher than Dortmund’s sweetener.

It is clear that the German side means business and that despite United’s protestations about Monday’s deadline being ‘artificial’, they are not backing down. In fact, they are turning the heat up by demonstrating their commitment to keeping Sancho happy should the deadline elapse.

Right now with just 48 hours to go, it seems highly unlikely that someone is going to fold in this game of ‘Sancho poker’ as the foreign press have called it. Ed Woodward and Matt Judge’s gamble that Dortmund would either lower their price or extend their deadline appears to have failed. We have seen this time and again with German clubs, who will often cut off their nose to spite their face rather than back down, so it should not come as a surprise.

Reports claim that United have not even entered formal negotiations yet, with any and all activity occurring among intermediaries. The Red Devils’ painfully complicated internal structure when it comes to transfer and contract negotiations means that it is very hard for them to move quickly, so as things stand, unless there is a big climbdown from the Germans, it looks likely that Jadon Sancho will still be a Borussia Dortmund player next season.

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