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Harry Maguire out on bail but could face three-year prison term

by Red Billy

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is reportedly flying home from the Greek island of Syros after being released on bail after a hearing at the public prosecutor’s office this morning.
Maguire, along with two others, was arrested by police following an altercation outside a bar in Mykonos town with another group of Englishmen.
Maguire was handcuffed and taken to a police station and allegedly became verbally abusive and physically assaulted police officers.
According to The Telegraph, the charges he will face at his trial on Tuesday are ‘multiple instances of attempted bribery’, ‘multiple instances of physical harm and multiple instances of revilement (shouting expletives against officers)’.
Some reports claim Maguire, who has pleaded not guilty, does not have to be present personally at the trial and so will be represented by his legal team, understood to be three Greek lawyers and a British attorney sent by United to help resolve the issue.
The Telegraph also says that the prosecutor has described the offences as ‘misdemeanours’, which suggests the charge of aggravated assault, which carries a two-year prison term, may have been dropped.
On the other hand, Sky Sports and Sky News are reporting that ‘the prosecutor is considering three charges – aggravated assault, verbal assault and also the most serious one, the attempted bribery of an official.
‘It could be as much as a three-year prison sentence for attempted bribery.
‘Unfortunately the only people who know what happened in that courtroom are Harry Maguire, the two people he was co-defendants with, and of course the prosecutor and his defence lawyer.
‘These hearings are not open. Journalists are not allowed in.

‘As a consequence of that, the details of what went on inside there and what the eventual resolution was, if there was any resolution, is still unclear.’

The BBC seem to corroborate this, saying ‘it is not clear what specific charges the England defender faces.’
United have today released a statement, saying ‘following the appearance in court today we note the adjournment of the case to allow the legal team to consider the case file.
‘Harry has pleaded not guilty to the charges. It would be inappropriate for the player or club to comment further while the legal process takes its course.’
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