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Victor Lindelof performs heroics as he chases and catches bag snatcher

by Red Billy

Manchester United centre-back Victor Lindelof turned superhero today as he hunted down a bag snatcher in Sweden.

The 26-year-old was holidaying in his home town of Västerås when he spotted a thief snatching a woman’s handbag and making his escape on a bicycle.

According to Sportbladet, ‘The football star raced alongside the suspected thief and held on to him until the police arrived.

The outlet reports that the hero was Victor Lindelof, but the police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl did not want to confirm his identity.

‘The man came on a bicycle and snatched the older woman’s bag which she kept in the basket on her walker, Wikdahl said.

‘The man who intervened very wisely was athletically built, I cannot say more than that.

‘But obviously he was someone who could sprint quickly.

‘The police want to take the opportunity to thank the witness for a quick and wise intervention to restore the plaintiff’s property.’

Lindelof was with his wife Maja at a park called Kristinagatan when the incident took place.

‘The police state that they received the alarm at 10.40. The first police patrol arrived about five minutes later, at 10.45. So for almost five minutes, the Swedish national team player kept the suspected bag snatcher on the spot,’ Sportbladet explains.

A spokesperson for Manchester United told the outlet that Lindelöf does not want to comment on the incident.

‘Victor feels that he just did what anyone else would have done in that situation,’ the spokesman said.

Well, maybe not everyone …

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