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Glazer family has taken £89 million from Man United, report claims

by Red Billy

A shocking report from Football finance blogger Swiss Ramble shows that Manchester United’s owners have the worst personal investment record in the Premier League, draining a huge amount from the club rather than investing in it.

The report looks at how much financing the 20 current Premier League clubs have received, whether from wealthy owners or bankers, over the last five years.

‘In the last 5 years, the 20 Premier League clubs have benefited from £1.9 billion net financing with most of the money coming from their owners £1,569m (81%) and another £366m (19%) sourced from banks,’ Swiss Ramble tweeted.

‘However, there is a big difference between business models at individual clubs.

‘Seven clubs have benefited from more than £100m funding from their owners in the last 5 years…On the other hand, Manchester United have paid £89m to their owners.’

Swiss Ramble’s chart shows that while Roman Abramovic has put £440 million into Chelsea over the period, the Glazer family have taken £89 million out of United.

The report’s news about overall financing is no better.

‘In terms of total financing, two clubs have received by far the most in the last 5 years, namely Tottenham Hostpur – £521m and Chelsea – £433m, followed by Everton – £256m, Aston Villa – £224m and Fulham – £186m. In stark contrast, Manchester United and Arsenal had significant net cash outflows with £169m and £101m respectively.’

This chart shows United bottom of the league in terms of overall financing received.

Supporters of the Glazers Out movement have claimed for years that the controlling shareholder family are drawing money from the club, especially in the form of dividends and bonus payments, but these stark figures show the horrific extent to which this has happened.

Of course, the owners would argue that there has been no need to invest because the club is self-sustaining due to the auspicious commercial efforts of executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and group managing director Richard Arnold. However, the club’s inability to challenge for top targets such as Jadon Sancho suggests otherwise.

The simple fact is that while the Glazers line their own pockets with £89 million of United’s money, the club has fallen further and further behind the top of the Premier League – 33 points behind, in fact, in 2019/20.

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