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Rob Dawson: Manchester United lack communication with their players

by Marwan Harraz

Journalist Rob Dawson has revealed information on how Manchester United deal with their players, using the example of Ander Herrera to show how bad it is.

Patrice Evra’s speech on Instagram gained plenty of interest as he gave an insight into how poorly run the club is.

Dawson agrees with aspects of that video and even went on to explain the inner workings of contract negotiations and so on.

United fans have often complained about how things are done behind the scenes and that trend has somewhat continued even under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Herrera left Old Trafford for PSG for free under concerning circumstances and much to the disappointment of supporters.

In an interview with The Peoples Person, which can be seen here, Dawson explains how Evra’s rant isn’t an exception and that there are many agents and players who would say similar things.

The ESPN journalist goes on to say there are players who reach the end of their contracts and don’t get a phone call or have their one-year extensions triggered and only find out by a letter through their door.

Dawson uses the example of Ander Herrera, claiming he didn’t hear anything from the Red Devils for so long that he decided to speak to others in order to save his career and family.

It was only when Solskjaer came to the club and personally intervened that an offer was made to the Spanish midfielder but by then it was too late.

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