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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not capable of managing Man United, says top journalist

by Red Billy

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be sacked after Manchester United’s 1-6 home defeat to Spurs, according to The Independent’s Chief football writer Miguel Delaney.

Anthony Martial’s 28th minute sending off may or may not have been unfortunate, but cannot alone explain the Red Devils’ woeful capitulation to José Mourinho’s Tottenham in what was one of the most humiliating home defeats in recent memory.

‘A result so seismic it should not just end Solskjaer’s job. It should end the ludicrous idea he was ever capable of this job,’ Delaney tweeted after the game.

‘United have many problems, but they still spend enough that a manager at the top of the game can compete’.

Delaney went into more detail in his match report in The Independent.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has never had the credentials for a job like this, bar his playing connection.

‘That’s it. That’s the only argument. It is one that is collapsing as badly as his defence. That was the brutal reality of this result.

‘The gap in the scoreline – to go with the massive gaps in the pitch that allowed it – illustrated that this goes way beyond any recruitment issues. It is about how this team is coached.’

Delaney also spared no criticism for the board.

‘The decision to appoint him was just another bad move from above. They have really made four bad managerial decisions in a row: two that were past it, two that were never going to get there.

‘Maguire looked much less like an £80m centre-half than another example of the club’s bad recruitment.

‘Some defenders who have previously played with the captain have complained that they have to compensate for his lack of pace. That lack of pace has now become a real and live problem for United.

‘It is why it has to go beyond single players.

‘Let’s lay out the reality.

‘United have designs on competing with Liverpool, or at least closing the gap. Their ample resources as the game’s wealthiest club means they should be regularly challenging for the titles.

‘But can anyone in football realistically say that Solskjaer is a good enough coach to match someone like Jurgen Klopp? Can anyone genuinely make that argument? It is why this is no more than illogical experiment.

‘The next step for United should be obvious. They need to dispense with this experiment, and get in a top-level manager befitting the club.’

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