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Man United fans turn on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer following transfer comments

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans have been outraged by manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s comments about how transfers are done and how the club is run in general.

Speaking at the Spurs pre-match press conference, the manager insisted ‘we’ve got good people running our club’.
The boss was asked about comments made by Sevilla’s sporting director Monchi, who said this week that he doesn’t understand why the Red Devils don’t have their own director of football.
‘There’s always people who want to talk about how well they’re running things and how well they’re doing,’ Solskjaer responded.
‘We’ve all got different views on how football should be played and how clubs should be run. We’ve got good people running our club.

The manager was then asked if there were any plans to appoint a sporting director.
‘It’s not for me to say.
‘At the moment we’re working with this structure.’
Solskjaer’s remarks sent Twitter into meltdown late last night.
Comments included:
‘Did he mean to say running or ruining?’

‘Ole mate, just stop talking.’

‘I don’t care that you’re trying to appeal to your bosses. This is a sackable comment.’

‘You’re crossing the red line dude. Don’t backstab the fans.’

‘I’m done supporting Ole now. Coming and defending your squad fair enough but this guy is openly supporting the Glazers without anyone asking him to. He’s becoming a puppet.’

Fans on The Peoples Person Facebook page were equally unimpressed.

Comments included:

‘Ole can act blind to all this stupidity from Woodward and his colleagues at United but we can’t, I mean it’s pretty clear even to the blindest man that United is being run to the ground by these businessmen and Ole is their puppet, saying all these nice things just to keep his job.

‘I wonder if he’s got the bottle to question anything the parasites upstairs say.’

‘Sorry Ole but we all know that these words are bought or forced … shame you don’t have enough balls to speak out the truth … clearly losing credit … pathetic, embarrassing and very sad.’

‘He’s their puppet and he knows quite well that if he criticises them he’s gonna be sacked.’

‘Sorry but now you just sound like a puppet.’

‘Someone who loved the club will do all he can to avoid the current situation and not just be a PUPPET and a nice employee.’

Under normal circumstances the fans would be likely to respond to Solskjaer with some sarcastic chants about his comments at Old Trafford this afternoon, but that is one indignity at least that the Norwegian will be spared this week.

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