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Fans delighted by Bruno Fernandes’ response to accusations

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans are delighted at Bruno Fernandes’ response to accusations that he had a ‘furious half-time bust-up’ with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer during the 6-1 home defeat to Spurs on the 4th of October.
The Mirror claimed that ‘he laid into team-mates, accusing them of not upholding the proud name of Manchester United,’ and that ‘he kept yelling, ‘”We are supposed to be Manchester United. This shouldn’t be happening’”.
The outlet also claimed that ‘It was clear that the manager also came under fire because he was going on about the wrong tactics.’
However, speaking to Portuguese TV channel Sport TV 1 (via Record.pt) after his national side’s 3-0 win last night against Sweden, Fernandes dismissed the reports as mischief-making.
‘I think there has been a lot of speculation lately about this,’ he said.
‘I believe it is a way of destabilizing the group a little bit.’
‘What was said was in no way true, because I was substituted at halftime as a technical option, where the coach told me that the game was over and that we would have many more ahead.
‘I understood, of course I was not happy about going off, but I didn’t speak or say anything at that moment that could harm the group.
‘Even after the game, the coach sent me a message to wish the team good luck.
‘So, excuse me but if someone wants to try to make trouble inside Manchester United, do not use my name or that of my colleagues or the coach. The atmosphere is good, obviously after a defeat we were sad, but we have to give an answer in the next game.’
Fernandes’ words were exactly what fans wanted to hear as they responded on Facebook to what was said.
‘Well said Bruno, you are a true leader to back your teammates and coaches,’ one fan said.

‘The guy’s been here for five minutes and has showed more love and passion for our club than some that have been here for years! Levels!’ said another.

Other comments included:

‘We could do with more players with his attitude. Hopefully it rubs off on some of them.’

‘That’s a leader talking.’

‘Captain for me and give Maguire a break from football, clearly the stuff that happened in Greece isn’t helping.’

‘Well said Bruno.’

‘Captain Bruno.’

‘Captain material.’

‘Make him captain already.’


If Ole Gunnar Solskjaer does decide to rest Harry Maguire after a turbulent few weeks, Fernandes certainly would appear to be the natural choice to captain the side even though he has not yet been at the club a year.

As he demonstrated at previous club Sporting Lisbon, he is a natural captain and leads by example. It would also be an excellent way for Solskjaer himself to silence the doubters about dressing room relations.

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