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Cries for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s head become deafening on social media

by Red Billy

The calls for Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s head are growing louder than ever after the Red Devils crashed to an embarrassing 2-1 defeat by Istanbul Basaksehir in Turkey last night.

The issue for most was not the defeat but the manner of it, which involved shambolic defending for both goals, a lack of clear tactical response and an absence of any sense of fight and pride from the players.

Fans, it seems, have had enough. Some of the comments on The Peoples Person Facebook page included:

‘I think is time to say goodbye to Ole. At the end of the day, what are we doing in training? … Zero passes, zero crosses, zero chances created. For two years with Ole it has been like that – three good games, three terrible, one step forward one step back.’

‘Some people blame just the players, but remember, Man United won the Premier League in 12/13 with Fletcher, Evans, Young, Smalling, Jones, Welbeck and Cleverly. The manager and coaches’ job is to improve the players and create a team that works together. I don’t see that here.’

‘My village team defends better than this. Something just isn’t right.’

‘I’ve never been one to say OGS should be sacked….but after that inept performance I think its time for a change before we end up in a relegation battle…we are nowhere near good enough for top six on that kind of performance.’

‘I’m officially Solskjaer out. He doesn’t know what he’s doing tactically. Players don’t seem to want to play for him. Bring in Poch. Defence poor. Midfield poor. Attackers poor. No creativity. No movement. Slow build ups. Lack of transfers doesn’t help, but no sense in beating that dead horse any more.’

‘Clueless performance. I have never been a fan asking for the manager’s head but it’s clear Ole has lead us to the end of his potential. It’s time to look for someone else to continue the progress of the team.’

‘Ole is clueless! He is a mid table coach. I pray he gets fired after the Everton game. Very slow in moving the ball, very disappointed!’

‘I’ve been a keen supporter of Ole and I really love what he has given to the club both as a player and as manager. But… he’s come to the end of his time at the club as far as I can see! He’s lost the players.’

‘I’ve always said keep Ole but after that performance he needs to go. True player legend but not manager.’

‘I love Ole. He is a United god, but he isn’t the manager to take Man United forward. Sorry Ole, you need to step down.’

‘Ole’s time is almost up. School children defending and organization. That’s down to coaching.’

‘Enough is enough.’

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