Marcus Rashford adds more creativity to his game in dangerous development

Marcus Rashford adds more creativity to his game in dangerous development

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is normally known for getting on the end of dangerous passes rather than providing them but it seems he’s added some new arsenal to his attacking game.

The talented Englishman has enjoyed a fruitful season so far, grabbing seven goals and three assists in 12 appearances across all competitions.

However, minutes wise he’s only paid about nine and a half worth of matches and so it makes it all the more impressive.

Rashford isn’t known for being a clinical finisher but he still manages to rack up a respectable amount of goals, finishing just behind Anthony Martial last season for the club statistics.

This comes despite the academy graduate playing most of his matches from the left-wing but he’s certainly changed his game recently and has added assists to make him a more well-rounded attacker.

The issue with Rashford becoming more of a playmaker is that it’s not necessarily his role and he’s better off taking players head-on and finishing chances.

It only becomes an issue if playmaking becomes that overriding part of his game when it’s clear he’s more than just that.

However, if he can combine both aspects and gel them into his game somewhat equally then he will continue developing into a world beater.

United have had some world class goalkeepers over the years and some entertaining ones too. Take our quiz below to find out how much you know about United’s number 1’s, past and present.

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