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Manchester United have been in talks with AC Milan’s Hakan Calhanoglu

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United are reportedly more interested in AC Milan’s Hakan Calhanoglu than most may have anticipated as rumours continue to grow.

The Turkish international has played in every fixture for his club so far in the Serie A, grabbing two assists in eight appearances.

There’s always been some type of rumour hanging around when it comes to Hakan and United but no one ever takes it seriously.

He was linked with a transfer even when he was still a Bayer Leverkusen player and nothing came of it back then either.

Nonetheless, it seems a deal could finally happen this time around as the circumstances are shaping up to be ideal for both parties.

According to Christian Falk, who spoke on the Stretford Paddock’s Youtube channel, the Red Devils are deep into negotiations for Hakan’s signature, meaning a transfer is ‘very likely’ and that he actually turned down Juventus last summer because he knew those at Old Trafford wanted him for free this summer.

The 26-year-old would be available to speak to the club soon and so a transfer could be struck early.

However, despite Falk’s insistence, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear Manchester United were being used in order to secure a new contract with AC Milan.

After all, it was previously reported Hakan’s representatives contacted United and not the other way around.

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