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An in-depth translation of what Mino Raiola really said about Paul Pogba

by Marwan Harraz

It’s safe to say Paul Pogba and Mino Raiola being in the news again is the last thing Manchester United fans wanted to see but unfortunately it has happened once again.

Fabrizio Romano got the story trending by claiming the agent insisted the former Juventus man’s time at Old Trafford was over.

However, Pogba and Raiola’s words have been mistranslated in the past or pulled out of context so some supporters were hesitant to say anything just yet.

Luckily the full translation has been included below and it definitely makes for interesting reading given how quickly Romano’s quote spread.

The majority of fans want Pogba sold purely because of this type of news and not necessarily because of on-the-field issues.

However Raiola said it doesn’t matter too much but the fact that he did is what’s bothering Manchester United fans so much.

Of course it’s also the timing of the news with the club on the eve of a crucial clash with RB Leipzig and will soon face Manchester City after in a season-defining period.

It’s become increasingly difficult to ignore Jose Mourinho‘s label of Pogba as a virus and Sir Alex Ferguson‘s famous criticism of Raiola a few years ago.

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