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Manchester United fans disgruntled by Paul Pogba and Mino Raiola

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans are clearly sick of the constant negativity surrounding Paul Pogba and are no longer interested in the circus involving his agent Mino Raiola.

The talented Frenchman was just recently getting praise for his goalscoring performance vs West Ham but it certainly didn’t last long.

Raiola thought it would be good to claim Pogba’s time at United is over one the eve of a crucial fixture vs RB Leipzig and supporters are not happy.

The former Juventus man was only speaking about his desire to win with the club a day or two ago but apparently that message wasn’t passed on to his agent.

Pogba’s future is more uncertain now than ever before as the deadline for his contract expiring continues to draw closer.

It’s important to note there’s a possibility that Raiola’s words were taken out of context, particularly since Fabrizio Romano recently made that mistake.

Pogba’s interview with France gained a lot of negativity when he claimed playing for his country was a breath of fresh air but it turned out he was not criticising Manchester United in the slightest.

It’s believed Raiola might’ve instead said something along the lines of: “I can say that it’s over for Paul Pogba at Manchester United if you want me to, but it isn’t the case.”.

It’s easy to see how that may be taken out of context again but at this point it’s almost irrelevant as fans are sick of hearing all about it.

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