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Man United or Mino Raiola FC: which is worth more?

by Red Billy

If two 18-man squads were assembled to face each other, which would be more valuable – Manchester United or Mino Raiola FC?

The superagent wields so much power in modern football and seems to be involved in just about every transfer that United try to negotiate, from the likes of Erling Haaland and Matthijs de Ligt to Sergio Romero and Paul Pogba.

But how impressive is the former pizza chef’s portfolio? Are his resources worth more than those of United?

The answer to the question is no – but only just.

United’s most valuable 18 players according to Transfermarkt are worth €714.5 million. Those of Raiola are worth €682.5 million. In your face, pizza man.

In goal, Raiola’s Gigi Donnarumma weighs in at €60 million compared to David de Gea’s €35m and Raiola also has the most valuable defender in Juventus’s Matthijs de Ligt, valued at €70 million – €20m more than United’s top valued defender, Harry Maguire.

The most expensive midfielder in both squads is Paul Pogba, valued at €80 million. Raiola also has the second most valuable in PSG’s Marco Verratti, who is valued at €60 million.

United fare a lot better up front, although Raiola still has the prize asset in Erling Haaland, worth €100 million. The Red Devils, though, have the next four highest valued attacking players in Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes, both worth €80 million, Anthony Martial at €60 million and Mason Greenwood, a snip at €50 million.

If Pogba is to leave the club this season, as is looking increasingly likely, United will have to replace him with a player worth at least €48 million to maintain their superiority over the superagent.

Here are the squads in full:

Manchester United FC vs Mino Raiola FC. source: Transfermarkt.com

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