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Manchester United set questionable aim for squad investments

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have reportedly set a target for when they hope to have completed their squad overhaul and fans may be displeased with how unrealistic it is.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over from Jose Mourinho and was tasked with bringing the club back to its roots as well as creating a clear, long-term vision.

For all of the legendary Norwegian’s criticisms, no one can truly fault him for what he has envisioned for the club so far and the question is more to do with whether he has been delivering or not.

United have consistently backed him, at least publicly, but supporters are well aware he was let down in the summer transfer window.

However, it seems the club want to right some wrongs in the future and time will tell whether they will prove it or not

According to Manchester Evening News, the Red Devils want to have their ideal squad within two transfer windows as they aim to invest in a ready-made winger, a centre-back, a right-back and a defensive midfielder.

The reason why supporters may be displeased is because the report also claims there won’t be any ins this January transfer window meaning all four targets will be signed in the next summer which doesn’t seem realistic.

They could also be unhappy because they won’t feel four signings isn’t enough to turn this current squad into title challengers and deem the job done.

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