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Fans divided over whether Man United were right to sack Jose Mourinho

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans are divided as to whether the club was right to sack José Mourinho two years ago.

Fans on The Peoples Person Facebook page were asked whether, in retrospect, the decision was correct following comments by the Portuguese manager this week that ‘the first club where I felt I need time and time was not given was at Manchester United, because I felt that I left at the middle of the process.’

A number of fans’ responses were sympathetic to Mourinho’s position.

‘[Ryan] Giggs told us to stick behind him and keep supporting, to stop the criticism. This is proof of United’s lack of management from our board, they are too desperate to win trophies every season and this is the reason why Jose was sacked.

If he got treated as fairly as Ole (buying Maguire, Bruno, Telles, AWB, Cavani etc), I believe Jose would have won the trophy with us. He creates mastery on the pitch, has experience, he knows what should be done with the team,’ said one fan.

‘He is the best manager at United after Sir Alex Ferguson but when the board didn’t support him in the third season he had no chance to stay at United. Really now the board are realising that the manager should be backed,’ said another.

‘He was a proven winner. He was the best guy to lead this club back up. He was very clear that Pogba was a pain and if he was given what he wanted, United would have been different club today,’ was a similar verdict.

Other comments included:

‘Honestly we were not [right] to sack him at all! He is a very good coach and way better than Ole and am sure he will challenge for the title this season.’

‘Yes it was a mistake to sack Jose … he’s a good manager, it was his dream to coach Man United. If Jose had the current squad, we would challenge for the title.’

On the other hand, many fans support the club’s decision to fire Mourinho when they did. Comments included:

‘Winning with no regard for a style of football. He turns good players to absolute sh–e and ruins young players’ confidence. Every club he’s been to, he’s picked out a player and made him a scapegoat. Anti-football. A narcissistic manager who only thinks about the result. Glad he’s gone.’

‘No player improved under his management. Always wanted new and expensive players every single season and didn’t build any. Just there for himself, not the club. The worst we’ve ever had.’

‘The football was terrible and his coaching methods and treatment of some players, Luke Shaw in particular, bordered on bullying. He had outstayed his welcome.’

‘Should have been sacked when he slated young players on the American tour after he selected them to travel. Never a good choice long term.’

‘He brought nothing but misery to Man United. Should have gone well before he did.’

‘The circus that surrounded him and the style of football was not what any United fan wanted.’

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Mourinho’s dismissal and it is fair to say that despite improvements to the squad during that time, the club has not won any silverware nor improved upon the average league position enjoyed under the Portuguese coach.

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