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Surprise result in Man United fan poll on midfielders

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans have been voting on who they believe is currently the club’s best central midfielder after Bruno Fernandes.

The options presented on The Peoples Person Facebook page were Scott McTominay, Fred, Donny van de Beek and Paul Pogba.

In terms of player value according to Transfermarkt, the result should have been Pogba (€65 million), Van de Beek (€40 million), McTominay (€25 million) and Fred (€20 million), but this was by far the case in the vote.

After 1,700 votes were cast, Fred came out on top with 746, McTominay was second with 689, Van de Beek was third with 134 and Pogba fourth with 125.

The result was the exact opposite of ranking in relation to player value on the market.

Fans voting for Fred made the following comments:

‘Stats show our efficiency in games won/lost with Fred on the pitch…He is underrated because of his undeveloped quality in offensive and sometime bad passes.’

Fred on current form. Pogba has shown glimpses but needs to be more consistent.’

‘On their top level I’d say Pogba. But being constantly solid, then I’d say Fred!’

Fred makes some questionable passes at points in the game, but his work rate to get the ball back in possession and intercepting attacks is great. Well needed player against the top teams.’

Fans voting for McTominay made comments such as these:

Fred is brilliant, but McSauce recently has been top class.’

‘I still say Scott is our captain and I stand by that!’

One Van de Beek voter explained ‘VDB has got the potential to be better than all of them, just needs to play!!’

‘Pogba is classic, I’m missing his long passes on target,’ said one of the minority of Pogba fans.

The surprising result speaks volumes about where the fanbase stands with Paul Pogba right now. There has been renewed speculation recently about a possible transfer to Juventus and this survey suggests that the majority of fans would not be disappointed to see him go.

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