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Darren Fletcher makes surprising revelation about Roy Keane

by Red Billy

Former Manchester United midfielder Darren Fletcher has made some surprising revelations about the legendary Roy Keane, who was club captain during Fletcher’s early years at the club.

Keane is known for being a hard man both on and off the pitch and for his aggressive and abrasive approach, but the Scotland international says that he was one of the three most important figures in his footballing life.
‘My dad, Sir Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane are the three biggest influences on my career,’ Fletcher said on the UTD Podcast via The Daily Star.
‘They are the people who helped me. The great thing about Roy Keane is that he says ten things to you.
‘One of them is classic Roy Keane where he has a go at you, lets you know and is really harsh on you.
‘The other nine times, he gives you a compliment, but nobody hears about that or wants to remember that because it is not a good story to tell.
‘But that is the way I remember Roy Keane.
‘Roy Keane was fantastic with me. Walking off the pitch beside Roy Keane and him saying to you, ‘fantastic today son, I could play for another ten years with you beside me in midfield.’
‘Nobody hears that and it made me feel like a million dollars.
‘The confidence I got from those words from Roy Keane massively outweighed the handful of times when he had a go at me and rightly so, because the levels or my standards were not that of a Manchester United player coming through, which is completely normal.’
Keane made 326 appearances for United between 1993 and 2005, scoring 33 goals. Fletcher made 223 appearances between 2003 and 2015, scoring 18.

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