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Harry Maguire and Eric Bailly dominate Burnley in narrow win

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United are top of the Premier League table for the first time in years and although Paul Pogba will rightfully get the plaudits, he has the teammates behind him to thank too.

Eric Bailly and Harry Maguire are arguably the club’s best centre-back pairing but they haven’t gotten to feature alongside each other too often.

Against Burnley they did and they are the reason United kept a clean-sheet despite the towering wave of men who were trying to do all they can to score through brute force.

Bailly’s pace and anticipation compliments Maguire’s aggression and heading and so together they team up well in the centre of defence.

The Red Devils needed to hold on towards the end of the nervy clash as well and did so, largely well, thanks to the towering two at the back.

Maguire and Bailly are a partnership that should be used moving forward as often as possible but the latter’s questionable fitness is a concern for all.

After all, the Ivorian defender only came into the starting XI because Lindelof suffered from an injury himself.

Bailly hasn’t looked back since but there’s a feeling he needs to be wrapped in bubble-wrap after each match to avoid any knocks.

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