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Manchester United fans react to Luke Shaw’s performance vs Liverpool

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans settled for a draw with their fierce rivals Liverpool and one of the few positives of the night was Luke Shaw.

The English defender was in fine form, pocketing one of the Premier League’s best players in Mohamed Salah and still managing to be effective in attack as well.

Shaw has stepped up his performances this season, rising to the competition with Alex Telles and solidifying his spot in the starting XI even more.

His only issue now is the occasional knock he seems to pick up but he’s still been largely fit this campaign.

Shaw appears to be hitting the peak of his career but will need to keep up his form to prove that, though for the time being supporters are more than happy with him.

Jose Mourinho somewhat summed up Shaw perfectly in one sense when he once said the player has the perfect attributes to be a top player but constantly needs to be told what to do.

Everyone knows the former Southampton man’s ability in defence and talent in attack but he often has to be reminded how to influence the match.

However, that has been less obvious this season and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hasn’t had to sit on top of him or his teammates yell at him as much.

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