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Manchester United top Europe in brilliant statistic after Liverpool draw

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must be feeling pretty pleased with himself after leading his team to the top spot despite all the criticism he’s faced.

The legendary Norwegian still has his doubters and it’s unlikely they’ll go away until he proves himself with the Premier League title.

However, for the large part, fans are now on Solskjaer’s side and are seeing hard evidence of the work he and his players have put in.

There were always plenty of positives with the former Molde man but the results didn’t always match the progress in performances.

However, now the good work is obvious and undeniable and so his critics have quietened, though they still wait in the shadows.

The unbeaten run is a brilliant statistic to see as it’s reminiscent of the team’s form after the lockdown last season.

If Manchester United can recreate similar form then they’ll likely have a successful season and it would prove they’re now fit and firing again.

There are question marks over Solskjaer in terms of whether or not he’s rotating enough as it seems a few of his players are suffering from fatigue.

If he wants his stars to keep up this unbeaten run he will need to ensure he looks after their long-term fitness as well.

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