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Luke Shaw puts in yet another fine performance vs Fulham

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Luke Shaw impressed fans once again after keeping up his good form with a dominant display vs Fulham.

The talented Englishman can’t even be accused of showing good form anymore as it’s borderline just normal talent now given how he has maintained this level for some time.

The bargain purchase of Alex Telles in the summer has appeared to have the exact effect both Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and fans would’ve wanted.

Shaw’s shown a brilliant level of consistency and elevated his game to a new level to keep the talented Brazilian at bay.

Telles has hardly played much football for United since arriving and that’s through no fault of his own and is simply down to how well the former Southampton man is doing.

Shaw is equally adept at attacking just as he is at defending and so it makes him a rather complete full-back.

His attributes are well suited to the role and it’s a case of trying to get him to pay attention to both sides of the game more often.

Shaw’s strong, has decent pace, can read the game well and can burst forward at will so there’s no reason, at least on paper, why he shouldn’t be a top left-back.

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