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Harry Maguire seen as defensive weak link by many Man United fans

by Red Billy

Many Manchester United fans believe that Harry Maguire is the weak link at the heart of the side’s defence.

Fans were asked on The Peoples Person Facebook page whether they thought Victor Lindelof or Eric Bailly should be Maguire’s regular partner in defence. Surprisingly, many, if not the majority of respondents turned the question on its head and suggested that both players deserved their place ahead of the captain.

Comments included:

‘Lindelof and Bailly are both very good, it’s Maguire that’s the problem. He’s too slow, he can’t see danger quickly enough and he turns like a cruise ship.’

‘Lindelof is actually a great CB, we just don’t look at him closely enough. I sometimes think that Lindelof should be a fixed CB with Maguire and Bailly rotating by one or two games. I’d really like to see the Bailly-Lindelof partnership again, they haven’t started a PL game together since February 2019. It would be good to try all combinations and pick the best one.’

‘I am one who actually sees Bailly and Lindelof as a much better pairing.’

  • ‘Same here’
  • ‘Likewise me here, because Maguire is just a photocopy of Smalling.’
  • ‘A very expensive photocopy!’
  • ‘I tell you, Maguire is not worth 40m euros, let alone 80m.’

‘Let’s put Bailly and Lindelof together for a few games in a row and see how they are. I am still not convinced with Maguire.’

‘Who says Maguire is the right one for Lindelof? Victor is a better defender in my eyes, plus he is way better at getting the crosses forward up the pitch.’

‘Lindelof’s ability of defending spaces is second to none…Bailey is more like a traditional defender who is good at one to one battles but very bad at understanding his partner. Maguire is bad at both but only good in aerial duels. So we need a partner for Lindelof, not for Maguire.’

‘I think the real question should be if Maguire is the right fit for Lindelof or Bailly. Maguire is slow, lately he has been getting caught in possession and positioning has been questionable. OK, he’s now club captain and cost a small fortune, but I am not confident or convinced that he’s “the right fit”.

‘What about Lindelof and Bailly? And give the captain’s armband to Bruno.’

‘We need to get rid of Harry in my opinion. He’s too slow and too stiff for my liking. Usually gets drawn out of position and is usually compromising his teammates.’

‘Lindelof is our best CB. Maguire and Bailly must fight for the other spot to start next to Victor Lindelof.’

‘Why is the question always about who is the right partner is for Maguire? He has been just as much of a liability in defence as Lindelof has been. Yet he is guaranteed a starting place, and everyone is covering up for his mistakes by blaming his partner.
Maybe it’s because he’s English, maybe it’s the price tag. I don’t know, but for me the real issue is not who should be Maguire’s partner. The real issue is that Maguire should be the one dropped if the defence goes sideways again.’

‘The question is whether Maguire is the right partner for Lindelof or Bailly. Maguire is always out of position, he is the slowest CB in the league, he should be great with his head but gives the responsibilty away too on headers. Doesn’t read the game particularly well at all. A week leader and shouldn’t be captain … if I could I would change Maguire for a new player.’

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