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Aaron Wan-Bissaka on fire despite drab draw with Arsenal

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Aaron Wan-Bissaka was recently named the man of the match in the disappointing draw with Arsenal and he certainly deserved the personal trophy.

Normally a player winning the man of the match in a goalless draw means something went wrong or he was just the best of a bad bunch.

However, Wan-Bissaka’s display was the kind of performance fans were praising Luke Shaw for and yet somehow he went under the radar a bit.

Perhaps it was due to the result but it’s safe to say it’s time to look into how the long-legged right-back has transformed.

The clash against Arsenal showcased the best of Wan-Bissaka’s attributes and he’s managed to work on his weaknesses so much they’ve actually turned into strengths.

Wan-Bissaka was often rightfully accused of not being a good enough attacking outlet but he was certainly Manchester United’s most dangerous man vs Arsenal, as evidenced by his stats above.

Not only are his tackles, ball recoveries, interceptions and clearances all representative of good numbers but his chance creation deserves plenty of praise.

Of course Wan-Bissaka isn’t the finished product yet but if he continues on his current path, he’ll turn into a pretty complete defender.

There are still some adjustments to be made defensively as well such as his positioning being poor at times but it would be harsh to overly criticise it.

After some recent poor form, it seems Wan-Bissaka has begun to turn a corner and rediscover what made fans so happy when United first signed him.

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