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Manchester United rack up stunning stats after Southampton destruction

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer absolutely has every reason to be happy with his players following their destruction of Southampton.

Not only did his players run riot, scoring nine against their troubled opponents, they also managed to keep a clean-sheet to boot.

United supporters were in desperate need of such a lift following the lack of a win in back to back Premier League matches.

The shock 2-1 loss to Sheffield United was followed by a disappointing 0-0 draw with Arsenal as fans saw their ambitious hopes of a title scuppered.

Solskjaer has often been compared to his predecessors and is mostly seen as lesser than but his statistics speak for themselves.

Solskjaer clearly deserves more respect than he currently gets, even from some Manchester United fans and it’s a real joy to see the team turn into true goalscorers.

The best aspect of the win is that the legendary Norwegian will want this just to be the warmup for his squad, as there’s no doubt he’ll be pushing them to improve even more in front of goal.

United’s weakness is often made out to be their defence so if that’s the case then it’s a good thing they can rely on their forwards to outscore their opponents.

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