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Manchester United must create ideal circumstances for Amad Diallo success

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have waited patiently so far in order to see their new man Amad Diallo in action but there are suggestions they’ll have to wait some more.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has claimed he doesn’t expect it to be too long but seemed to hint that it will be a slow process.

No one is suggesting that the legendary Norwegian’s approach is wrong, as he’s proven in the past that he knows how to manage youngsters breaking into the first team.

However, the debate lies in what method is the best way to get Diallo involved so that there’s as little pressure and expectation as possible.

In an ideal world, the clash against Southampton would’ve been the perfect way to hand the young Ivorian some minutes.

No one could’ve predicted the 9-0 result in hindsight but the circumstances or the environment of the match would’ve been perfect.

If Solskjaer can throw Diallo on in matches that have already been won, handing him 15 or so minutes here and there to showcase his skills with no pressure on him to help deliver a result, it would be the perfect scenario.

Unfortunately Manchester United don’t always wrap up their wins early and that means putting the talented winger into circumstances that aren’t ideal.

Just by putting him in the matchday squad alone would see everyone’s expectation rise, as evidenced by how many supporters tuned in to watch him play in an under 23s match vs Liverpool.

Having said that, United’s options on the bench aren’t that much better than Diallo and it might be better to put him in for someone else who perhaps doesn’t have a long-term future at the club.

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