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Teden Mengi lists three Manchester United players who are leaders

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Teden Mengi has revealed who the three leaders in the Manchester United squad are, though he insists there are a lot.

The young defender is currently on loan with Wayne Rooney‘s Derby County as he looks to make an impact in the Championship.

Mengi has been tipped for a bright future at United and there were even fans calling for him to be given more minutes this season given the ongoing defensive woes.

Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof and David de Gea have been under the spotlight of late and the numbers don’t make for good reading.

At the time of writing, the Red Devils are the top scorers in the league but their defending has let them down as they have conceded more goals than any of the top nine clubs.

According to Manchester Evening News, Mengi said: “There are a lot of leaders. Harry [Maguire] is one. Bruno [Fernandes], Paul [Pogba].

“They’re not chatting off. Because in that squad WhatsApp it’s like all to do with football, so they’re the vocal ones about that side.”

Although fans might not see it on the field, it’s well known Maguire is a leader in the dressing room and behind the scenes.

It’s believed that was the main reason Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made him the captain in the first place after Ashley Young transferred to Inter Milan.

Bruno Fernandes is an obvious leader as fans can see him on the pitch demanding the most from his teammates at all times and consistently giving it his all.

Perhaps the surprise is Paul Pogba‘s inclusion as he doesn’t appear to be a vocal leader but at the same time his teammates do always have positive things to say about him.

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