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Gary Neville says questions must be asked about David de Gea

by Red Billy

United legend Gary Neville has said that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to resolve the side’s inconsistency issues and sign an exceptional goalkeeper if the Red Devils are to challenge for the title.

Speaking in today’s Webby & O’Neill show on Youtube, Neville pulled no punches about where he thought the problems lie: first, that the team is not consistent enough and second, that

‘Even when we were top, I never once thought we were going to win the league,’ he said

‘You can’t keep being inconsistent within matches, playing poorly for half an hour then well for half an hour.

‘United have had some performances within games when you’ve thought, what’s going on?

‘All of a sudden they’ll produce a brilliant half hour of football and you’ll think wow, that’s fantastic. But more often than not it’s been in moments.

‘You can’t win titles in moments where during games you’re scrapping, it’s scruffy and go on to win a game through a piece of magic.

‘You’ve got to put performances together, rhythm and performances.

‘We’ve never got to that stage.

‘Liverpool and Arsenal there was a lack of belief. Go that extra yard.’

Neville was then asked what he thought was the top transfer target to build a team capable of winning the league.

‘Your goalkeeper, to win the league, has got to be exceptional. And we have to start asking questions about David de Gea. We do.

‘You have to start asking questions about him because the mistakes are coming now, I wouldn’t say thick and fast, but they’re coming more regularly and they cost points. And the game winning saves are coming less, the one on one saves are coming less. I think that has to be a question Ole has to answer.

‘They talk about Henderson becoming the number one at Man United. Honestly if you want to win the league, what I would say now is if Pep Guardiola or Klopp came to United, in six months’ time they’d bring a new goalkeeper in. I don’t want to be unfair to Henderson, but to chance it that he would win you the league, to be fair City and Liverpool haven’t gambled.

Neville admitted that there was still a chance that either De Gea or Henderson might be able to step up.

‘I wouldn’t leave De Gea out this season, I’d keep him in. Or there is a point where you say, do I find out about Henderson in the last three months of the season to find out if he’s top notch?

‘But once you start changing your goalkeeper around you’re in trouble and I think De Gea deserves to be able to finish this season and prove that he can get back to that level he was at before.’

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