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Gary Neville insists Manchester United are better than they were

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has indicated when he feels is a fair time to pull the plug on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s career at the club.

The former Molde manager is arguably the manager fans are the most divided about since Sir Alex Ferguson‘s retirement and even now the debate rages on.

The main cause for the division is Solskjaer’s United have been somewhat inconsistent, often going through spells of remarkable form but also going through a period of poor results or at best, poor performances.

The highs and lows of the inconsistencies have begun to level off more but there are those who aren’t patient enough to wait to see if it’ll ever fully turn a corner.

Solskjaer’s ability as manager of the Red Devils is always questioned but his former teammate feels there are certain things that need to be considered before doing so.

According to Manchester Evening News, Neville said: “He knows the Manchester United standard. Have we improved since he took over? Are we better to watch than the day he took over? Yes.

“Let’s go back to that last six months of Jose [Mourinho]. It was going pear-shaped. Let’s go back to that team and we had those players on the pitch.

“We had [Alexis] Sanchez. Sanchez is a great player, but you were looking at them and thinking, ‘I don’t like them’.

“And then now, I really like the players on the pitch. I like them. You might say, ‘all of them just need to go up a level,’ or ‘we need two or three more’.

“But the manager that has come in has improved the team – we’re better than we were. The positions in the league are getting back to a standard where they were in that season with Jose when they finished second.

“We need to win a trophy. The lads need to win a trophy. But we’re better and we like them more. It’s progression.

“It can’t stop cause we’re nowhere near where we need to be. But there is progression. And people say, ‘Ole’s this, Ole’s that’. He’s tough. He knows where he needs to get to.

“We’re better than we were, and in these next 18 months, he’s got to get there. He’s got to get there.

“And if he doesn’t get there, he’ll have had three and a half years to get there, that’s enough time… So, things are better, but it’s whether they can go that final notch. Hopefully they will.”

Once again Neville is spot on, fans are more connected with the current squad than they have ever been since Louis van Gaal famously dismantled Sir Alex Ferguson‘s group of players.

Their need for a trophy is an obvious one and it is something Soslkjaer himself has often mentioned.

What is also true is despite whatever negatives there are, there are obvious signs of progression under the legendary Norwegian but unfortunately he can’t pin his Manchester United career on that forever.

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