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Manchester United fans praise Jadon Sancho after Sevilla show

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans couldn’t keep their eyes off of Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho after his mesmerising performance vs Sevilla.

The young winger appeared to be close to a move to Old Trafford last summer and despite the embarrassing collapse of the deal, there are many supporters who hope it’s a deal that can still happen.

Dortmund seemed to be willing to let Sancho go and United were willing to pay the asking price until the goalposts were shifted at the last minute.

The sudden end to the potential transfer saw the sensational attacker struggle to recover mentality and it meant the start to his season was below his usual standards.

Sancho has since kicked on and looks to be getting closer and closer to his previous remarkable form and fans were quick to praise him.

The right-wing position still remains open for Sancho to join and make his own but sadly it’s difficult to see how that would happen.

Given the effects of the global health crisis and the crash in the economy, most clubs can only afford to make one major signing this upcoming summer.

Manchester United have seemingly prioritised the centre-back position after their defensive woes this season and so unless Sancho is allowed to join for cheap, it’s tough to imagine how else it could work out.

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