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Manchester United weighing up their options in regards to Jadon Sancho

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have reportedly put a bid on Jadon Sancho on hold as they consider their options ahead of a crucial summer transfer window.

The talented Englishman has long been Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s main target but things have changed since the last summer and it appears that has affected how the club is planning their moves in the next window.

United’s need for a right-winger has always been obvious but they now have options to consider before putting it as a priority once more.

Some fans would argue the centre-back position has grown to become of more importance of late and some would even claim the defensive midfield position is in need of attention.

With Amad and Mason Greenwood, the Red Devils have two youngsters who they can cultivate for the position and that gives Solskjaer some food for thought.

It seems Manchester United are getting their mind games in early, making it clear they won’t sign Sancho unless the circumstances suit them, particularly the financial circumstances.

Given how Borussia Dortmund no longer have the advantage, it makes sense to play poker and wait until they cave as there’s little risk in the situation.

There are already rumours claiming United can sign Sancho for half of what they were quoted last season so there’s no rush to sign him in the same way as last season.

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