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Most Man United fans think Dean Henderson should start over David de Gea

by Red Billy

More than three quarters of Manchester United fans believe that Dean Henderson should be the team’s first choice Premier League goalkeeper for the rest of this season, according to an online poll.

Followers of The Peoples Person Facebook page were asked to choose between the two stoppers and around 2,000 votes were received.

At the time of writing, over 1,600 fans (76%) had voted for Henderson and only 505 (24%) had voted for De Gea.

Comments in favour of Henderson included:

‘Henderson is our future and he needs to be our No1. De Gea has lost his edge and he is static and makes too many mistakes. Sell him while he still has value.’

‘His record lately has been better than De Gea so why not give him a run in the team see what he’s made of? As for the guys saying it’s only against lesser teams, that isn’t his fault, he can only play against the teams he has been selected against.’

‘I think Henderson should at least be given a run of games based on his form. It’s only fair. I’m not saying replace De Gea forever, just see if Henderson can maintain his form over 3-4 consecutive games.’

‘De Gea is a bottle job, too scared to get out and command his area like you saw at Everton against Calvert Lewin – cost us 2 points. Henderson is a better all round keeper and will keep on improving.’

‘Henderson is the future, hence if we have the option to keep only one of them, that should be Henderson. Also not to forget how De Gea almost left for Madrid. We should cash in and Deano should be our no.1 from next season. De Gea aint getting any better.’

‘Time for Henderson to get more game time. De Gea has been brilliant but … teams evolve and Henderson has done enough to be given a run of games.’

‘We should … give Henderson the rest of the season in the league to prove himself, with games against City, Chelsea and other top teams coming up we could get an indication of what he’s capable of.’

Comments in favour of De Gea included:

‘One hand of De Gea is better than two hands of all English goalkeepers alive.’

‘De Gea all the way. That lad is one of the top keepers in the league.’

‘For how many seasons has David carried United on his back single handedly? Don’t compare David with Henderson.’

‘De Gea has had a wobble in the last two years but I think this season he has been really good and he saved us from losing against West Brom.’

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