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Luke Shaw opens up about mental health problems in candid interview

by Red Billy

Luke Shaw has been speaking about his struggles with mental health in a candid interview with Harry Pinero for Adidas Football.

The 23-year-old was considered one of the brightest young full-backs in world football but some patchy form in the years following his recovery from a horrific leg break in 2015 left many believing he would never reach the potential he showed before the injury.

But the England man has been the form player of the United side this season and has been showered with praise from fans, pundits and journalists.

‘A lot of people thought I was holding back and knew what I can do. Now I’m loving going forward and helping create for the team,’ Shaw said.

‘It’s nice to be able to talk about this because I haven’t been able to talk and be praised for stuff like this.

‘Hopefully people are starting to realise now that I’m helping the team out more.’

Shaw then went on to speak honestly about the mental health issues he has had to overcome to get to where he is.

‘I’ll be honest, it’s been really refreshing to see that people are able to have that confidence now to come out and speak outside of football.

‘With my friends, I think if any of us in our Whatsapp group had a problem, I think none of us would speak about it.

‘Us as lads and especially in the football industry, we’ve got a lot of pride and we don’t want to speak out, we just think “l’ll go home and deal with it myself and maybe the next day I’ll feel better” when it just keeps eating you up inside.

‘You know, I’ve felt like that before, I’ve been in a bad place and I’ve spoken out, because obviously I’ve been through a lot.

‘So I’ve tried going that route, where I kind of just build it up and dealt with it myself. And it never really works so I think it’s really refreshing to see people coming out and talking.’

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