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Manchester United’s draw with Crystal Palace not just a blip

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United’s performance vs Crystal Palace was shockingly poor for many reasons but it was more evidence that something has gone terribly wrong for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and his players.

The legendary Norwegian has overseen a drastic change in form that is more concerning than the actual result or performance of the match.

Many brushed off United falling off the top spot but since then the football has taken a massive dip, except for the remarkable 9-0 win over Southampton.

Solskjaer will rightly face heavy pressure after the awful, goalless draw with Palace as questions do need to be asked given it’s now a pattern and not just an isolated incident.

The former Molde man has had time to find answers or come up with solutions and it is for that reason that fans are largely frustrated.

There are no real excuses for how it’s been close to two months of inconsistent and poor performances yet no real solution has been offered.

It has truly been a downfall in form in what has been a rollercoaster season once again under Solskjaer’s management.

His players go through spells of scintillating football to the most boring football in the league far too often for anyone’s liking.

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