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Ben Foster backs Dean Henderson for starting XI spot

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster has opened up on what it takes to be the number one at the club, stating his opinion on what makes Dean Henderson different.

The young Englishman is currently the number two for the position though there are many who feel he is ready to take over the reins permanently.

David de Gea‘s little break in Spain due to the birth of his daughter will see Henderson get a run in the first-team for the first time this season.

The academy graduate has had a few appearances here and there but never an extended run and so it’s the perfect chance to show he’s ready.

Foster feels Henderson is well equipped, not just talent wise but mentality wise and so he will eventually succeed De Gea permananetly.

According to Sky Sports, Foster said: “Dean is a proper goalkeeper. You ask anybody in football nowadays that has watched him play and you can just see that he has got it. He has got the ability.

“The main thing with playing for a team like Manchester United is having the mentality. When I was at Manchester United all those years ago, I felt like I had the ability, but I definitely didn’t have the mentality.

“I wasn’t ready for it but with Dean, nothing seems to faze him.”

Foster knows exactly what it takes to be a Premier League goalkeeper and in another sense, also knows what it takes to be the first-choice at Manchester United.

He’s honest in explaining he himself was not ready mentally but that Henderson appears to be and it’s certainly what fans feel too.

Even supporters who still feel De Gea is currently better recognise that the talented Englishman will eventually takeover, whether it’s this season or the next.

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