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Explained: The new interest from Malaysia in Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Rumours surrounding a takeover have started to grow once more after a state crown prince from Malaysia admitted to being interested in Manchester United.

Old Trafford has had reports surrounding its future recently many times now with those in Saudi Arabia and Spain said to be keen at different times.

Neither of those efforts ended anywhere solid and ended up proving to be nothing more than hot air that fans got excited about.

This time around it seems a little different as the interested party have made their intent clear but there are no guarantees it will lead anywhere.

It’s believed the interest is in buying roughly 3-5% of shares rather than an immediate takeover but still, supporters are keen to see where this goes.

Fans’ eagerness isn’t entirely misplaced as it’s believed the Glazer family first started off buying shares in roughly the same percentage before completing a takeover so it is possible this interest from Malaysia can turn into something serious.

However, it’d be smart if supporters didn’t hold their breaths or feel they’ve been rescued from their current debt-riddled nightmare.

It would also be important to keep in mind that a complete takeover might see the club restructure that just happened binned as the new owners might want things to work differently, with perhaps Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s job even on the line if it happens.

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