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Man United fans furious at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tactics against Leicester City

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans have been left furious after seeing their lacklustre team limp out of the FA Cup in a dismal 3-1 defeat by Leicester this evening.

Many fans blamed manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for his team selection, tactics and substitutions – in particular, why Fred was not taken off sooner after a woeful first half.

‘The manager is so poor, Fred is shocking, all he has going for him is he works hard, sick of this manager’s clueless decisions,’ said one fan.

‘Dire, Fred shouldn’t play for this club again. Ole needs to sort his tactics out, takes four players off in one go? leaves Fred on until 86th min?’ said another.

Other comments included:

‘Ole will never win us anything , mark my words, he is not a winner. Replace him. I still don’t believe how the fans want him. We play clueless football and just win because of individual brilliance.’

‘Team selection was poor. In spite of Fred giving the ball away on numerous occasions he was left to play throughout. Up until the 70th minute, Martial was left alone without midfield support. Ole did not give this game the respect it deserved.’

‘Ole has never been a good coach. We’re where we are due to individual brilliance and not as a team. Imagine a manager making five changes simultaneously.’

‘I wonder what excuse he will give after this game, let’s hope he doesn’t blame fatigue because he changed the team too much and disturbed momentum.’

‘That team selection by Ole was just shocking. He has had his fair share of questionable decisions and it cost us, a lot. He did good to get us to this point, but he isn’t the long term answer.’

‘Ole doesn’t know what he wants to achieve at Manchester United. I wonder why he has overstayed at the club, he deserves to be fired.’

‘I’ve always said that we won’t win anything with Ole. Not surprised. I’m ready to be called a plastic fan.’

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