Man United fans vote on whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is doing a good job

by Red Billy

Another round of #OleOut is trending on social media, but the sentiment does not represent the majority of Manchester United fans.

The Red Devils’ boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has lurched from saint to devil and back again in many fans’ eyes since being appointed manager of the side in December 2018. United have gone on winning runs and enjoyed memorable victories under his leadership, but there have also been patches of poor form, lethargic performances and shock defeats.

Yesterday’s FA Cup exit at the hands of Leicester City was seen by many as Solskjaer’s fault and many took to social media with the hashtag #OleOut. But a poll conducted by The Peoples Person on their Facebook page today reveals that they are in the minority and that over two thirds of United fans believe that he is taking the club in the right direction.

Fans were asked ‘Is #OleOut a knee-jerk reaction from plastic fans who don’t understand the rebuilding that Solskjaer is doing? Or do you think Solskjaer should have achieved more by now and is never going to be the world class manager that United need? [Vote whether] you think Solskjaer is doing a good job or if you think he needs to go for United to progress.’

At the time of writing, around 1,200 votes have been cast, with 69% voting that the Norwegian is doing a good job and only 31% voting for him to be sacked.

Comments in favour included:

‘How can you judge any manager on this many games played in such a short window with such a limited roster. They’re second in the table and still playing in Europa even though they have no legitimate striker, no defensive mid, a right back who is allergic to the ball, and a world-class central midfielder who misses half the matches. It’s a miracle they are where they are.’

‘He’s doing a good job, but we need to strengthen the squad with real quality. Quite a few players are simply squad players, they’re good enough to augment the team but not really take it to the next level.’

‘If we come away with Europa trophy and end season in second that’s an improvement and Ole should stay, we’ve improved on last season already, one final push from the players and ole should hopefully be safe

‘Seriously, i think he’s been doing good and giving the team a good shape. A few more tweaks over the summer and we could see a great team unleashed, considering the age of the team. Sometimes there’s an off day, unfortunately it happened at a crucial match.’

Comments critical of Solskjaer included:

‘How many years did it take Guardiola to build Man City? I am sorry to say that Ole is not the kind of manager that can take Man Utd back to glory we are expecting.’

‘Stop deceiving yourself… There is no rebuilding…. Ole at this rate would rebuild for 20 years and still keep making the same senseless mistakes he made yesterday. The earlier he is kicked out the better.’

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