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Statistic adds to Dean Henderson and David de Gea debate

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have been debating all season long who the better goalkeeper is between David de Gea and Dean Henderson and perhaps the statistic below could shed some light on it all.

The experienced Spaniard has been the number one choice at Old Trafford for a long time now and perhaps for the first time in a while he has a real challenger for his position.

Henderson has taken whatever opportunities have come his way this season with both hands and is performing in a way that has pleased fans.

However, many argue De Gea is still the better keeper overall and that the young Englishman just happens to excel in the areas he doesn’t.

Whatever the case may be, the graph below puts the debate into perspective and may help some supporters who are undecided to come to a conclusion.

This isn’t to say De Gea is a bad keeper based on this graph alone or that he should now be replaced by Henderson but what it undoubtedly says is that the former has been underperforming.

If the former Atletico Madrid man wants to keep his spot in the starting XI it’s clear he has to step up as he has a hungry number two fighting for his spot.

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